Scoring the Series

Just follow a few simple rules in order to help your team hit a home.

1. Invite your team members.
Look for the “+” sign on your team page.
If a player isn’t in your list, they haven’t accepted your invite. They can click “Create Account” even if they can’t see an email, but you must have invited them from the app first.

2. Select your team and batting order *before* your game

By selecting your team in advance, you’re not only saving time on the day but letting us remind them of their upcoming games.

3. Start your games (and end them)
Captain’s will see “Start Game” and “End Game” on their apps. If you don’t click start, the game won’t start for either team. If you don’t finish the game, the score can’t be finalised.

Remember, any player on your team can score the game but Captain’s must add the players first so they can be scored.