Play ball

MLB60 is baseball redefined. A fast-paced, simplified version of the game that can be played by anyone, anywhere, with no experience necessary.

The games are self-umpired, facilitated with the MLB60 app. No diamonds. No umpires. Just the game.

MLB60 gives people an easier and more accessible entry point into America’s favourite pastime.

How do you play?

MLB60 is a simpler version of baseball. Two teams of seven players take it in turn to bat and field, and score runs by making it around the bases back to home plate. The team with the most runs wins. All we’ve done is relaxed a few rules. Teams only get two innings which means you’ll race through games in less than 60 minutes.

Use your imagination, play anywhere, anytime; all you need is a bat, a ball, a few jumpers (for bases), and the MLB60 app. And most importantly, you can eat, drink, and socialise while you play. There are no formalities here.

You can find the full rules here.

MLB60 app

MLB60 is an app-powered sport: the gameplay and scoring are all facilitated by the MLB60 app. The app allows users to create pick-up games, set up a Series, and view player and team stats.

Whether you’re playing a pick-up game or as part of a Series, the MLB60 app allows full control of all aspects of the games. Users can set their teams and the batting order, view the teams that are involved and the game’s stats. No umpires or officials necessary.