MLB60 Rules


  • Maximum of seven players per team on the field at any time.
  • If playing in a series, should a team be unable to field at least five players, then a 10-0 win is automatically awarded to the other team.
  • Teams are strongly encouraged to be multi-gender.
  • The game is self-umpired with a dedicated player or organizer recording the score during the game and submitting the score once it has been agreed between teams. There are no officials, players are responsible for ensuring the game runs smoothly.
  • Scoring a game should be done via the MLB60 App.
  • The game is made up of two innings per team, with each team alternating between batting and fielding twice.
  • On-field players can only be rotated between innings.
  • The inning is complete once each batter has batted twice following the designated order set by the organizer/ dedicated player. There are no maximum outs per inning.
  • Innings are based on each batter batting twice, not how many batters are out. An individual’s batting turn can constitute any one of the following: – An out (strike out, catch or run out) – On base – Home run (hitting the ball over the designated boundary without bouncing, or running all the bases in one go)
  • If a player is out on their first batting attempt, they are still able to have their second bat when their next turn comes.


  • The pitcher must have at least one foot on the pitcher’s plate/ marked area.
  • The acceptable pitching area is from the shoulder to the knee of the batter, directly over the home plate. This area is known as the strike zone.
  • If a batter swings and misses at ANY pitch, it is called a Strike.
  • To get as many people involved as possible, each pitcher can only pitch for a maximum of one full inning (therefore a minimum of two people must pitch during a game).


  • The batter must hit the ball in between first and third base. Any ball that is hit outside of these bases is a foul ball (therefore batter and runners cannot run).
  • Designate a ‘home run’ boundary. This may be determined by your venue choice.
  • A foul ball counts as a strike.
  • The batter is out when:
  • – Three strikes have been called and agreed by the playing teams– They are caught out– They are run out
  • The batter can be caught out on a foul ball.
  • If a batter receives three ‘balls’, they should walk to first base. A ‘ball’ is any pitch that is outside the strike zone and the hitter doesn’t swing.

Base Running

  • Runners must touch each base in the correct order.
  • Runners cannot pass/overtake other runners (one on each base).
  • If a runner goes past halfway between two bases, they must continue to the next base (even if this leads to them running out another team member or running themselves out).
  • Runners can run only when the batter hits the ball and it is not a foul.
  • If a batter receives three balls and First base is occupied, both batting players must walk to the next base. If Second base is occupied, then the player at second base must walk to third base. If Third base is occupied, then the player at Third base walks to home plate.
  • If the ball is caught, then runners must go back to the base they were on.
  • A run out is when a batter has hit the ball and is running around the bases but a fielder with a live ball in their possession touches first base or tags the batter-runner before the batter-runner reaches their next base.


  • Compulsory positions are Pitcher and Catcher.
  • All other fielders can be positioned as decided by the team. Fielders can move between other fielding positions in their innings to be the best opportunity to get a batter out.
  • Fielders must have a foot on base to run a batter out

Scoring & Using the MLB60 App

  • To put it simply: the team with the most runs at the end of the game wins.
  • Scoring comes from running around the bases (three bases plus home plate):
  • – Two points are awarded for a Home Run (player runs around all bases in one attempt)– One point is awarded every time a player rounds all the bases and gets back to the home plate (not in one attempt)

MLB60 was designed to be played anywhere with the simple use of an app. All scoring is done through the MLB60 App.

  • The app is used by an individual within each team throughout gameplay to guide their team through the four innings
  • All Runs, Home Runs and Outs should be recorded during the batting innings. This will update the score and individual player stats
  • All Strike Outs, Catch Outs and Run Outs should be recorded during the fielding innings. This will update individual player stats
  • At the end of the four innings, prior to results submission, teams can manually amend the final score if necessary. If they wish to amend the final score, this must be agreed between the individuals that were responsible for scoring, before submitting the score